Thursday, August 9, 2012

CreateYour Own DOS USB Boot Disk

DOS bootable may be required either to update BIOS or Firmware

Download HP utility and windows 98 bootable files

  • HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool,
  • Windows 98/DOS Boot Files.

  • Before we get started, you’ll need to install the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool on your computer and the unzip the boot files to a new folder on your computer (like C:\DOS or wherever you like but just make note of the location).
    Once done, we can get down to business:
    • Run the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool as an administrator,
      • Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 right click on the application and choose “Run as administrator” and accept any prompts that come up,

    • Plug in your USB stick (WARNING – anything on this USB stick will be deleted),

    • You should see something like this:
    HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
    HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool

    • Under “Device” make sure your USB stick is selected,
    • Choose “FAT” as the file system,
    • Type in a “Volume label” but keep it short as DOS doesn’t handle long names (so maybe “Bootdisk” is a good choice),
    • Tick “Quick Format” and “Create a DOS startup disk” while making sure the dot goes next to “using DOS system files located at:”,
    • Click on the ellipsis at the end of the text box and browse to where your DOS files were extracted earlier on,
    • Once done, click on “Start”.
    The process should the get started and should take less than ten seconds at the most after which you should have a bootable DOS USB stick. The only problem is that there won’t be anything on there to actually do anything once you boot off it.
    So stay tuned and we’ll look at what we can put on there to make it more useful!

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