Thursday, August 16, 2012

Forgot password reset or break Windows 7 password

Downnload chntpw tool

Create bootable USB recovery disk.
Unzip to the USB root directory.

Run command prompt (run as administrator).
Type F:syslinux.exe -ma F: where F indicates your USB drive.

Now USB is ready to use.
Boot USB from the locked computer

After booting dont press any key , it will automatically detect partition and prints list of partition.
Press D (Automatically start disk drivers)

Type 1 (select your windows partition number)

Press enter (will detect windows directory))

Type 1 (password reset))

Type 1 (edit user data and password)

Type user name (example as in screen administrator)

Type 1 (clear user password)

Password cleared.....      Type  !    to quit

Type q (to quit)

Type y (about to write to disk)

Type q (to quit)

Type n (to exit)

Restart your computer and change the blank administrator password in windows

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